Shadows Of The Mind

And Sew it Begins - The Intricate Pattern of Incest Lived and written by Debbie Roxborough                                                          PURCHASE YOUR SIGNED COPY BELOW.

Are you looking for answers to these questions?

How does sexual abuse really affect a child as they grow to adulthood?

Does the victim every really heal emotionally?

How can I recognize the signs of abuse?

How can I help someone that has been abused?

The Shadows of the Minds series was written to help answer these and other questions about abuse, whether it be sexual, emotional or physical.       

A true story about the intricate pattern of incest found in the author’s family tree, And Sew it Begins, is about a woman who found her way out of years of abusive relationships, alcohol and drugs. When memories of her abuse begin to surface, Droxy takes us from darkness and despair into the shocking revelation that she was not the only victim in her family. Determined to heal her wounds she takes us on an incredible journey. The story reveals just how far-reaching the grip of incest really is and how the author continues daily to root out its shadows.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR - A survivor of childhood incest, the author was inspired to tell her story in order to promote healing for incest victims. She currently lives in Toronto, surrounded by her children, grandchildren and many loving, supportive friends. She still finds solace in her crafts and although working full time, makes time to create and sell her beaded jewellery and run an online business part time.

In her spare time she counsels other women on an informal basis, offering inspiration, comfort and hope.

She is now working on the next book in the Shadows of the Mind series.

Between the Crack - Journey of an Addict


Turning Emotional Pain Into Helping Others

And Sew it Begins—The Intricate Pattern of Incest  is author Debbie Roxborough’s personal story of surviving sexual abuse that offers guidance and encouragement to others who also suffered childhood abuse.  Ms. Roxborough is an extremely compelling author, as she is open, non-judgmental, very intelligent, and yes, funny.  She sees the irony of life and has learned to laugh at it.  After telling about surviving extremely painful experiences, she tells of getting very angry with a person’s pettiness.  I thought to myself, she has survived a war but is upset over a mosquito!  She writes with her mind as well as her heart, and I believe that her sense of humor and her deep insights helped her tremendously in her own recovery.     

In reading the book, it becomes clear that Ms. Roxborough is a special person.  She is extremely likeable and the reader is engaged right away.  She is open about her own experience in making the point that childhood abuse causes dysfunction, something survivors often do not put together, because, after all, the only childhood one has is one’s own.  She understands psychological principles and has compassion for herself and others.  Perhaps what comes through in her writing is that her intelligence is no more important than her big heart.  She does not spell everything out, but shows it in her writing, that she is not judgmental of herself (as she shouldn’t be but how many people can say that?) or others.  A very ethical and loving person comes through, and in reading about events of her past, it is like watching a caterpillar emerge into a butterfly.  She does not SAY that others can do what she did; she teaches by example self-respect, respect for others, and respect for the truth.  Her stance of being truly non-judgemental is a lesson in mindfulness; she tells of her own dysfunctional behavior in the past in as neutral a tone as the outstanding things she does now, such as leading a support group for survivors.  

As a psychologist, I know that many people are helped and inspired by true accounts of others.  I think of the many clients I have had who have asked me how they can be “normal” when they have done “crazy” things.  I will from now on refer them to Ms. Roxborough’s book, and tell them that they can not only be normal, but pretty terrific.  It is what she does not explain or spell out that teaches, encouraging the analytical ability of her readers.  Ms. Roxborough just being herself is what she has shared with all in her book.  The emotional courage and honesty in this book will inspire all who read it, and they will see that honesty, openness, humor, and dignity produce wonderful results.    

 Dr. Aleta Edwards, Psy.D.

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 NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR - If you are a victim of abuse, please feel free to contact me. If you know anyone that you suspect is a victim of sexual abuse or domestic violence, please be sure to get them a copy. These are the main reasons I am telling my story, to help victims become survivors! Thank you!

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